These days using images that pack a punch in your marketing is a no-brainer. And canva is a perfect tool to use to make them.


Knowing how to use canva is only half the answer (this just makes you a canva technician)

Knowing the secrets to making an image pop is what takes you beyond the tool.

5 DAYS | 5 WAYS is a mini FREE course that unlocks these secrets









Your trainer

working with you through 5 days | 5 ways

  • Bachelor of Arts (Multimedia)
  • Cert IV Workplace Training & Assessment
  • Cert IV in Business – Small Business Management

Jinny Coyle

FLUX Design Studio & Enterprise by Design

Whether you’re a DIY business women or a VA who serves small businesses, it’s not enough to simply throw words over an image in Canva.

Powerful, polished social media & marketing materials come from knowing your tools but also what makes a design work.

Who needs this mini-course?

  • add social media images to your packages
  • get ahead of your competition
  • make more money!


  • make your clients images stand out from the crowd
  • use these secrets in your own marketing
  • gain an edge on your competition


  • understand what makes an eye-popping image
  • use these secrets to do-it-yourself in canva
  • be confident you are getting what you pay for when you contract stuff out



“Jinny listens to what you want and is always available to answer questions. She provides professional, no-nonsense advice and support and delivers high quality products.”

Kelly Shaw

KP Health

“I chose Jinny to help me because mainly I liked her. She is very approachable, funny and has the ability to breakdown problems into manageable step by step pieces.

Also, Jinny has been in the graphic design business and knows how the graphic design business works.”

Emily Fleming

Red Storm Design

“Jinny really knows her stuff. She understands in great detail how graphic design works, not just paying lip service and so she knows how to get the best image for your business.

I have often told Jinny that I must be her worst client because I change my mind so often. Rather than losing patience with me, Jinny is able to gently guide me in order to get to a fantastic outcome. Anyone who employs Jinny’s services is in great hands and will be very pleased with the results.”

Simone Outteridge

Diamond Profit Solutions

Who holds the keys to these secrets?

Jinny Coyle launched her boutique design studio in the late naughties specialising in branding & visual marketing for micro & small business as well as councils & NFP’s. She has taught graphic & web design at a number of tertiary institutions in Melbourne, Australia.

Fast forward to this decade…

More than ever, woman are turning their backs on the 9-5 work week to build their own businesses. The reasons are many but Bankwest senior analyst Tim Crawford says …

“Most people start a business for the lifestyle and the flexibility it allows – they want to be in charge of what they’re doing” he continued “One of the real trends … stronger growth in the number of women … running a small business by themselves, often part-time at first, while raising children.”

Many women look to the internet (particularly facebook groups) for marketing & design advise, only to be cut down by ‘so called’ specialists for their “ignorance & lack of professionalism”. It’s after seeing this happen far too often that, with years of experience & a wealth of knowledge under her belt, Jinny now offers online education, community & mentoring to empower women in business to take control of their visual identity & marketing materials.

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